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The Advantages of Co-Extruded Boards

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Timco Wood Co-Extruded Decking is the latest innovation in composite decking. It still utilises a concealed clip system like our other compoiste decking but there are advantages which take it beyond standard composite.

The boards are more durable, scratch resistant and will not lose colour making them ideal for large commercial projects.

For more information about Timco Wood co-extruded decking contact us or call on 01438 311203.

Item Co-Extruded Boards Standard Composite Boards Remark
Colour Rich, vivid, strong levelling natural wood colour Single solid colour Vivid multi-layered colour provides depth and texture
Anti-scratch > 20N Around 5 N Surface anti-scratch performance is around 4 times greater than normal WPC
Expansion rate Around 0.1% Around 0.3% - 0.5% Much better expansion performance
Water absorption after 24 hours in water 0% 1.2% The water absorption of the board is 0 and the core also has less water absorption rate
Weathering test after 1000 hours ⊿ < 1.59 ⊿ < 3 Strong weather-resistant
Weathering test after 2000 hour ⊿ < 2.50 ⊿ < 5 Strong weather-resistant
Water stain problem N/A May occasionally occur No need to worry about water stains
Cleaning Method Water Sand paper, steel wool Much easier and quicker to clean
Wood grain Never disappears May fade over time Wood grain effect will never change
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