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Simple Balustrade Calculator

Composite balustrade is an innovative system which allows you to create a composite border to your decking. There are many components to our railing system so we have created a simple balustrade calculator to help you work out how much you will need for your design.

Hover over the text below to see the components required
for a 1m stand alone length of balustrade

Balustrade Pics

How Much of Each Balustrade Component Do I Need?

Length of Balustrade Required In Linear Metres

Length in Linear Metres:

TB001 Composite Newell Posts
TB005 Composite Post Caps
TB006 Composite Post Skirts
TB002 Composite Handrails (cut in 1/2 for top and bottom rail)
TB004 Composite Spindles
TB009 Stainless Steel L Bracket
TB010 Stainless Steel U Clips

What if it's a bit more complicated?

If you're having trouble using our balustrade calculator, or need a calculation for a deck railing that is more complicated, our team are here to help. Call us on (+44) 01438 311203 for our expert advice.

Alternatively, you can email us a drawing and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Anything is possible and we like a challenge, so make Timco Wood your first choice for decking balustrade.