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Caravan Decking

Caravan Decking

As holidaying in the UK becomes more and more popular caravan and static home sites have improved in terms of facilities and quality. Adding caravan decking to your static home not only increases the enjoyment of it by maximising the outside space you have available but also the value of the property itself.

Timco Wood's composite decking is suitable for static caravan projects and has been used throughout the UK on many modern and luxury caravan builds.

Our range of Redwood, Ebony, Teak and Grey colours match well with most caravan sites and so will blend perfectly with your caravan and the natural beauty of the site itself. Having the choice of both modern and traditional colours enhances your ability to decorate your mobile home the way you want it.

Caravan Decking without the fuss

Our composite caravan decking is anti-slip which is great for kids running and wet weather too and, the fact that our caravan decking is also non rot means you don't have to worry about your decking while you are away.

Additionally, our recommended solid composite boards are long-lasting, low maintenance and sturdy so problems that occur with traditional decking such as splintering or the need for regular coating and treatments is not there.

Our composite caravan decking has been designed so you can relax and enjoy your deck rather than having to work at it all the time. Cleaning is simple with usually just a power wash needed to remove surface dirt from the decking.

As well as caravan decking we also have composite balustrade available for balconies and verandas which will truly allow you to create the ideal home away from home with your static caravan.

If you have more questions relating to your caravan decking purchase please call in or e-mail to speak to a member of staff or you can order samples of decking to see for yourself the Timco Wood quality.

And, because our solid decking which we recommend for caravan builds comes with a 10 year guarantee you don't have to worry and can enjoy decking for your caravan or static home for years to come.