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Interlocking deck tiles: the easy alternative to decking

For an alternative to decking, or in instances when decking is desired but unsuitable then our interlocking deck tiles are an ideal option for you.

Decking is a great way to add texture and dimension to your outside space but occasionally is unsuitable or expensive for smaller spaces such as patios, balconies or ground level walkways for example. Deck tiles do not have such restrictions and, on occasions when decking is unsuitable, they are the perfect choice as an alternative to traditional decking.

Made from our FSC® certified composite wood our interlocking deck tiles are hard wearing and durable. They measure 11mm in depth and are then securely fastened to a rigid plastic base for strength and prevent movement. In total the tiles are just 25mm from the ground so are ideal for walkways or in situations where a raised deck is impractical.

Mix and match deck tiles

They come in three colours - Grey, Teak and Redwood so offer a natural accompaniment to a garden or balcony and can be cut to shape awkward or interesting places or patterns at no loss of structural integrity. And, because they are interlocking you can mix and match colours to create appealing mosaic effects.

Our interlocking deck tiles are quick and easy to install. Simply place down on a flat surface such as a patio or balcony and enjoy. Installation is really that easy.

They are transportable too so as long as they are laid on a flat surface are perfect for a 'posh picnic', creating eating surfaces on camping trips, removable caravan decking alternatives and more.

So call now to arrange quick delivery or click here to order a sample and enjoy the benefits of our interlocking composite deck tiles today.