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Composite Decking vs Traditional Decking

Composite Decking vs Traditional Decking

At Timco Wood we are very proud of our FSC® certified composite decking. Made from 60% eucalyptus wood and 40% recycled plastic it is a safe, sturdy, longlasting and inexpensive alternative to traditional decking.

Composite decking consists of all the benefits of decking and none of the disadvantages of wooden decking such as:

Anti- Slip

Whereas traditional decking can suffer from slippage, especially in winter, or from leaves, or summer rain or next to a pool... our composite decking does not. The specifically engineered anti slip groove has been tested in a lab environment to make sure that the surface of our decking won't become slippery even in wet conditions.

Eco Friendly

The composite decking process is an environmentally friendly method which uses 100% FSC® certified wood and recycled high density polythene plastics. What this means is that plastic which would ordinarily sent to landfill sites is recycled to make our composite decking. There is no compromise on quality either as our eco-friendly materials are tough, durable, low-maintenance and attractive.

Won't rot or weather

One of the major issues with traditional decking is that it is susceptible to ageing and rotting. This just does not happen with composite decking as an anti-fungal treatment is used in the production of our composite meaning that it is built to last and stay durable over the years.

Long lasting

Traditional decking will last but will age quickly, within a few years traditional wooden decking tends to show signs of wear and tear and aging. This is particularly apt for the UK where regular wet weather can cause damage to wood left outside. This can be remedied by using sealing treatments and regular maintenance but is time consuming and can be costly. Our composite decking has a 10 year product warranty so you can relax in the knowledge that your composite decking has been made to last and enjoy.

Timco Wood - The composite specialist

If you already have traditional decking it is an easy process to re-board with our composite decking using your existing foundations or, if you are just considering decking call us for a quote today and we can talk through your specific needs.

Consider Timco Wood composite decking for a product you and your family can enjoy for years to come.