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Love Your Garden, Hemel Hempstead

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Timco Wood was proud to be asked by ITV again to participate in one of its shows after being a large part in last Christmas’s 60 Minute Makeover Programme for the Text Santa charity special. This year it was Alan Titchmarsh's Love Your Garden Show with the episode taking place in Hemel Hempstead.

As per the shows norm the garden design was for a good cause with the couple in question, Asif and Sabina Iqbal, being both deaf. However they don’t let their disability affect them and they dedicate much of their lives to charitable causes. Their friends, family and the wider community all agreed that they deserved a truly special garden makeover.

Hands on

We were involved early on in the project, having been in touch with the shows producers before. We were asked to provide around 120 sq. m of decking for the build as the decking was to be an integral part of the garden’s design with the creation of an impressive ‘outdoor kitchen’ with steps leading down to the rest of the garden being an integral part of the design.

As our grey composite decking was so important for the show it was obviously well featured on screen. This was great as we were able to get across specific product points for composite decking to the construction staff present on the job but also for the general public too. We take our position as a leader in the UK composite decking industry seriously, as seen by our recent GQA accreditation license for instance, and it was great to let the Love Your Garden team see just what composite decking can do.

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The team on the day loved the decking and how easy it was to get to grips with. With such a large surface area to cover, “the biggest deck we’d ever done,” according to Mr. Titchmarsh the construction went a lot quicker with our composite decking’s easy-to-fit system.

Get The Look

Steve Barrow was on site for the full duration of the build and helped to ensure that the decking was constructed to our strict specifications. He said that: “It was great to be a part of such a well-known programme. And thanks to the ITV producers for again considering us for such a prestigious build. Composite decking is really growing within the industry and in the eyes of the general public and now more people will be able to see its applications in the real world and how it can be of benefit for their own garden. Most importantly though is that the Iqbal’s now have the garden they deserve and that their children, friends and family can enjoy for years to come as recognition for the charity work they do throughout the country.”.

You can see our involvement on the show via our YouTube channel as well as get in touch, like so many others have, so see how composite decking can bring your own outside space to life.

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