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Love your Garden with Timco Wood

When an episode of the popular ITV programme Love Your Garden called for an extensive deck to be built as its centrepiece Timco Wood were asked to come on board as suppliers. We were happy to again be involved with ITV, and for a good cause as the family that the garden was to be built for, the Iqbals, had given so much of their lives for others.

We were able to provide over 100 sq. m of our solid grey composite decking to be used for the build.

Three members of our team joined in for the duration of the build to assist the contractors on the site and ensure that our composite decking was installed to specification. This was greatly appreciated by the guys on site as our decking was the largest the show had ever done. This was garden design of epic proportions.

Love Your Garden Decking
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As the decking was a major feature of the garden re-design the entire area had to be cleared and flattened before any work could begin.

Once the area was made flat a framework was constructed with timber and the garden features were planned out.

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With such a large scale job the planning and groundwork portion took some time.

However before too long everything was in place with the decking framework constructed as well as decorative areas mapped out for the main garden including an attractive water feature, a relaxing area and a trampoline.

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As composite decking is a relatively new material to the UK construction industry Timco Staff were available throughout the build to assist the team with both building the deck and answering any questions they might have. It is certainly a versatile material however and the decking was laid very quickly considering it was such a large area being built. The steps and edges completed last using both our unique step corner angle and our solid grey decking.

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After the decking was completed there were more touches to apply before the garden project was completed. Our solid composite decking is a sturdy material and so a flower bedding and BBQ area were still to be built. The design was for a large ‘outdoor kitchen’ to be placed on the decking including a pergola.

It was a lot of work and a complex build for such a short time but the team worked together to ensure the job was done. The designers were very hands on at this stage to ensure these final flourishes were completed according to plan.

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The garden build was completed within 5 days with our decking a great focal point of it. The finished decking looked great with the modern grey of our solid composite boards complementing the bright reds and purple of the garden as a whole. The finished garden is a truly wonderful combination of practicality and design and can be used for years to come.

Love your garden