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Enjoy the flavour of Brazil at home

Thursday, 12th Jun, 2014

The World Cup is here and we wish all the supporters lucky enough to be there a great time.
If you are not lucky enough to be going however you can still enjoy a rainforest atmosphere in the UK (the good news is there will probably be rain!)
Here are some ways you can decorate your garden as a way to tip your hat to the ecological elegance of the Brazilian rainforest:
Big leaved plants
When we see images of the rainforest we are struck by how otherworldly it appears with dense brush and giant trees and colourful flowers and bright undergrowth.
There are plenty of exotic plants that can thrive in the UK so check out your local garden centre to see if they are stocked. Or, if you are up for a green challenge then consider more exotic vegetables or crops that will look great in the garden and you can watch grow from seeds or bulbs.  
The distinct flavour when it comes to Brazilian music is undeniable. Recreate this in your garden with safe, a great way to give an extra boost of atmosphere to evening garden parties. Just don't try capoeira at home!
The best way to recreate a natural wooded atmosphere in the garden is by using...wood. Decking is a great way to relax and enjoy. Our FSC® approved composite wood decking will last longer than traditional wood decking and is also better for the environment.  It has all the look and feel of regular wood decking so you can enjoy the underfoot atmosphere of a rainforest lodge at home. 
And last of all...cocktails
At the end of the day a garden is meant to be enjoyed and how better to enjoy it than by tipping your hat to Brazil by enjoying one of its natural products - distilled sugar cane rum or cachaca - most famously enjoyed in the Caipirinha cocktail, Brazil's national drink. All you need is crushed ice, sugar and lime. Muddle with strawberries for a British twist.
So enjoy a little bit of Brazil in your own back garden and enjoy a happy World Cup from Timco Wood.