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Teach Your Children About Gardening With Timco Composite Planters

Thursday, 10th Jul, 2014

The summer holidays are nearly upon us meaning it is a time of year that many parents dread - keeping your children happy for six long weeks.


While a two-week holiday or a day trip here and there certainly does pass the time there is nothing like a garden project to keep a child occupied for the entire duration of the summer.


Our composite planters are a great way to teach children the basics of gardening, giving them their own space in the garden to see their own project grow. The great thing about our planters is they can be adapted into different shapes so children can create stars or hexagons or multi-layered triangles and see their garden progress week on week.  


Our versatile planters mean that you can create compartments so children can plant flowers and herbs and vegetables within the same planter body. This means that different soil types can be used in each planter so it is truly a great way to teach kids about all aspects of gardening (and a great way for parents to see whether a certain plant will do well in the garden or not).


Planters are robust and versatile meaning that they are not easily damaged. The fact that they are composite planters also means that they will not splinter, which is good for fingers big and small alike.


Easy to assemble, just create your shape and place down in the area of the garden you want and off you go. An easy, fun and educational activity that you and your children can enjoy for the duration of the holidays and beyond.


If you would like to see dimensions of our planters please see our Composite Planter Page or call through to place an order today and enjoy your summer garden project with your children.