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Timco Wood Saves June

Friday, 14th Nov, 2014

Timco Wood has always had a reputation for being able to fulfil orders with tight deadlines but when Father Christmas came calling it took even us by surprise. Okay, so perhaps Father Christmas is a bit of an exaggeration (He was far too busy in the North Pole getting ready for Christmas), but for this year's ITV's Text Santa Charity campaign.


It was a sunny day in early June when we got the call, the height of the decking season and so we were taken a little aback when the approach came to help out on a Christmas special. However, when we heard about the great work of Haven House Hospice we could not turn it down.


The makers of the ITV programme 60 Minute Makeover were having trouble finding a decking supplier that could both provide decking in a short space of time and also assist with the deck design. We are used to fulfilling large orders at short notice and we are more than happy to talk through design requirements with our customers and so were quickly chosen to come on board at short notice.


There was an additional problem on the site in that the proposed 35 square metre extension of decking to the existing "Buddy Hut" was right in the centre of the arboretum area. The arboretum at Haven House is a preserved area with many of the trees being extremely aged and delicate. One tree in particular, which was to be right in the centre of the decking, had very low lying surface roots and had been planted by Margaret Thatcher. It was therefore important as both a specimen of natural and human history and the build of the surrounding decking had to be carefully planned.


We were able to hold discussions with both the constructors and the environmentalists in charge of the arboretum about the layout of the deck and the build itself. The outcome was positive and we were able to come up with a plan to avoid any disruption to the delicate tree roots present.


On the day of the build itself Timco Wood volunteers travelled to Haven House alongside the decking to assist with the installation and help out wherever else we could on the day. The fact that a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings was provided was just a bonus!


Sales Director, Steve Barrow who was one of our volunteers on the day said "It was fantastic seeing how the deck came together, though it was definitely odd hearing Christmas carols in the summer!"


Of course, though the deck was the focal point of the makeover the real point of the day was Haven House Hospice and the children with life-limiting conditions who are resident there. We are very privileged to have been involved with such an important cause with Steve adding "We can only hope that our decking helps the kids get maximum enjoyment from their time at the hospice."


We had purposefully brought more decking than was needed for the area outside the Buddy Hut so that it could be used elsewhere in the hospice too.


The deck was completed in good time allowing us to help out in other build areas. All areas of the makeover were finished within schedule including Christmas decorations and toys for the kids ready for the opening party that evening.


We are incredibly proud that we were chosen to be the decking supplier for such a great cause and we look forward to seeing Christmas special of 60 Minute Makeover which is due to air on 19 December 2014 as part of this year's ITV Text Santa Christmas Charity campaign.