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Introducing Our Revolutionary Composite Planters and Deck Tiles

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Composite Planters Specifications

Timco Wood UK Composite Planters are no ordinary garden pots. Made from 100% FSCĀ® certified wood and recycled plastics, our composite wood board combines both materials unique properties in one base material. With the low maintenance and durability of plastic and the texture, appearance and strength of wood, these Composite Planters are perfect for domestic and commercial interior and exterior spaces.

Our Composite Planters are:
- Extremely Durable
- Non Rot
- Frost Resistant
- Insect Resistant
- Easily Cleaned
- Simple Installation

With a solid, natural look and construction, with the ability to combine packs to make an endless list of shapes and combinations, Timco Wood Composite Planters are the long life, beautiful option for your garden or outdoor space.

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Customisable Planter Layouts
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News Just In: Composite Deck Tiles

The popularity of our Composite Deck Tiles in 2013 has been outstanding, so much so we have expanded the colour range to include our ever popular classic Teak. High demand for our quality composite tiling system has enabled us to research into our Planters and expand our range.

Available in boxes of 1m2, our 100% FSC Certified and recycled plastic tiles can be laid quickly and easily allowing for a durable yet portable option for any event or small garden.

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Customisable Planter Layouts
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