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Icy Deck

Choosing the right flooring is essential for the ongoing safety of commercial builds

Product safety is at the forefront of consideration when assessing which products to specify for or use on your next commercial project. This is particularly true when specifying for a high footfall area as the safety implications are increased.

When designing or constructing a new deck for your project slip resistance is high on the level of priority to ensure not only a long-lasting deck that will a source of pride for the project but to ensure that safety standards are met.

The Health and Safety Executive has strict guidelines on the levels of anti-slip resistance that a commercial walking surface must have and there is a vast array of flooring material to consider when producing for a construction project. Decking is sometimes overlooked on projects due to the perceived lack of slip resistance, especially in wet or icy conditions (as befall the UK more often than not!). However Timco Wood composite decking has been proven through comprehensive Trada testing to have a high slip resistance rating making it suitable for a variety of commercial projects.

Anti Slip Decking For Commercial Projects

TRADA Testing

Timco Wood has a commitment towards the UK and international construction industry. We are consistently at the forefront of wood plastic composite manufacturing and maintain our involvement with national and international governing bodies such as UKAS and the Forest Stewardship Council as a testament to the quality we provide.

We requested that comprehensive slip tests be taken out on our decking boards by BM Trada to give a fully independent assessment of the performance capabilities of our products.

The Trada anti-slip test revealed our boards to have an average test rating of 86 when dry and 60 when wet.


High Slip Potential


Moderate Slip Potential


Low Slip Potential




Timco Wood Slip Test Results



The industry standard test to measure slip resistance of walking surfaces is called known as the Pendulum Test Value. This measures the friction of the walking surface to give a PTV score. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) test requires a minimum of 36 PTV to be acceptable which in itself is considered a high test score.

Therefore Timco Wood composite decking is 50 points above standard when dry and 24 points above standard when wet.

Composite Decking

Taken into isolation this data is positive in itself. Timco Wood composite decking comfortably outperforms many flooring alternatives and gives the construction industry the opportunity to consider decking for projects when it would not have previously been able to. When this data is coupled with the other advantages of Timco Wood composite decking then it becomes the ideal choice for the commercial construction industry.

Advantages include each board being produced with an anti-fungal element to eliminate the problem of moss and fungal growth that often occurs with decking. Also, because it is a wood plastic composite material Timco Wood decking has no need for additional coatings/treatments making it a long-term economic consideration too.

You can see more of the commercial projects that our anti-slip decking has been involved in on our case study page. Or you can call and speak to our technical department who will be able to answer any questions you might have about our anti-slip decking or any of our other wood composite products.

Full details of our BM Trada test rating can be seen upon request.

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