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Composite wood materials are a relatively new product to the construction industry but have recently see a period of heightened growth as more contractors and architects becomes familiar with their capabilities.

Here at Timco Wood we have an ongoing commitment to the improvement and advancement of composite timber products with a commercial focus. We continue to develop our products to meet industry demand and ensure that composite materials such as decking, cladding and fencing can be used across a range of building projects.

Composite Wood: An Upward Trend

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A recent report by Research and Markets has predicted a compound annual growth rate of 12.31% for the composite timber industry in building and construction alongside other markets to 2019. This represents a healthy growth increase even in already established markets such as the US and Europe. In areas where composite materials have yet to see great inroads into the market very high growth is expected.

There is greater scope in the composite industry for technological enhancements than with traditional construction materials due to the wide range of potential materials and applications of them. With new and ever evolving industries at the forefront of international growth there is a real opportunity for composites to increase its market share across a number of different industries.

Composite Material In Construction

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In the construction industry there are two distinct segments within the composite material market, on the supply side and the manufacturing side.As the industry grows and new markets begin to emerge and develop the supply and manufacturing of composite material will be a key factor in gaining a foothold into the market of any particular region.

As both supplier and manufacturer of composite wood materials and with an ever-increasing portfolio of products and international reach, Timco Wood is well-placed to capitalise on the growth of composites in construction. We have already been involved in many high-profile commercial products in the UK as well as internationally and are proud to be pioneers of the composite industry alongside our trade partners.

If you would like to know more information about composites in construction or to use composites for your industrial project, then contact us today!

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