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CO-EXTRUDED Composite Decking Board


Co-Extruded Composite Decking Board

Our co-extruded boards are the next generation in composite decking. Each board offers the traditional qualities of composite decking boards with the unparalleled beauty of a deep wood grain ageless look.

Our co-extruded boards are made with a unique multi-textured marble colour effect which gives the boards a vibrant layered appearance and excellent slip resistant qualities. Boards are anti-scratch and anti-rot and are designed for being laid in any environment. Unlike other composite products our co-extruded boards have little colour fade ensuring the character of the product will be retained over its lifetime.


Why choose Timco Wood co-extruded boards?

•   Unique and contemporary marbled texture
•   Scratch and stain resistant
•   Less fading than with other composite decking boards
•   High slip resistance

Timco Wood co-extruded boards are the perfect surface for a variety of situations from pools to gardens, domestic and heavy usage such as areas of high footfall or commercial walking surface areas.


 Our composite boards are anti-slip, UV stable, scratch and mould resistant and are low maintenance making cleaning easy.
Installation is straightforward thanks to our concealed clip fixing system so even large-scale projects can be completed quickly.

Remember: Our Composite Wood is Non Slip, Non Rot, Non Warp, and most importantly easy to clean!


Easy to Install

Installation is made easy by using concealed fixings so your decking benefits by having a splinter free surface.

See our Concealed Stainless Steel Decking Clip and Screw.



3600 x 138 x 20mm

Product Name Code Size Category
CO-EXTRUDED Composite Decking Board
3600 x 138 x 20mm
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